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  • Print Edition
  • Title: Criminal Law Book II 2020 Edition
  • Author: Pros. Freddie M. Nojara, LLM
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-621-02-0973-0
  • No. Of Pages: 1321
  • Edition: 2020
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Description:

    A year after the maiden publication of CRIMINAL LAW CONCEPTS AND JURISPRUDENCE, the author is constrained to revise the book. The reason for this is pretty obvious. There are new jurisprudential rulings of the Supreme Court which have immense impact on the study of criminal law. For instance, the case of People v. Tulagan, promulgated en banc in March, 2019, clarified the applications of RA 8353 (Anti-Rape Law) vis-à-vis RA 7610 (Child Abuse Law). Another notable decision is the case of Patulot v. People, decided in January, 2019, which declared that Child Abuse under Section 10 of RA 7610 is a mala in se provision as contra-distinguished the mala prohibita provisions of Section 5. Some important rulings were also issued interpreting the provisions of RA 9262 (Violence Against Women and their Children), the prominent of which is the case of Reyes v. People, rendered in July, 2019, holding that criminal liability is not extinguished by reason of the dissolution of marriage between the spouses. Moreover, the Highest Tribunal also rendered doctrinal rulings in other felonies which must be included in this updated edition.