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  • Title: Wills And Succession
  • Author: Avelino M. Sebastian, Jr.
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-971-011-984-4
  • No. Of Pages: 1034
  • Size: 7.2' x 8.2'
  • Edition: 2015
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Description:

    Not all branches of law were created equal.
    Most laws regulate the personal and commercial affairs of man, and therefore
    guide his conduct while he lives. The effects of the law on succession, on the other
    hand, are felt after death. Given the far reaching effects of the law on succession, it
    is impossible to envision a general education in law without a basic understanding
    of Wills and Succession.
    Most textbooks on Wills and Succession adequately explain the meaning of the
    relevant provisions of the Civil Code. Some, more than others, address the myriad
    applications of the law. However, most textbooks in circulation do not go as far
    as mathematically liquidating an estate, particularly those estates that are
    covered by complicated provisions of law.
    This book hopes to address this need. This book is the culmination of more than
    a quarter of a century’s worth of classroom discussion, and is designed to
    complement classroom instruction. Significant cases are cited (albeit edited to
    exclude extraneous matters) to illustrate the application of the law, and
    commented on, whenever there is a reason to disagree with the conclusions
    reached by the court. References are made to other branches of law to the
    extent that they have an impact on succession. Diagrams, as well as tables and
    charts, both illustrative and comparative, were used for ease of reference.
    This book was written with the vision to liberate students who are ensnared in
    anxiety by the complicated provisions of law. Through a calibrated process of
    simplification and the use of illustrations, the mysteries behind the cryptic cases and
    esoteric provisions of law are unravelled.