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  • Title: Basics of Philippine Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics
  • Author: Justice Josue N. Bellosillo , Atty. Emmanuel LJ. Mapili , Atty. Albert D. Rebosa , Atty. Antonio D. Rebosa and Atty. Bu C. Castro
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-971-011-063-6
  • No. Of Pages: 776
  • Size: 6"x9"
  • Edition: 2010 Edition
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Description:

    Basics of Philippine Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics examines topics from basic legal foundations to complicated legal issues challenging medical practitioners every day. Important topics chosen for the book include a wide range of legal and ethical issues from basic concepts, such as professional regulation of licensure, to bioethical issues, such as euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is written to provide students and practitioners of medicine, law, and medical professionals with an organized and manageable format covering the essential components of legal and ethical issues to make learning and teaching easier