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  • Print Edition
  • Title: Arnis for Kids
  • Author: Garitony┬áC. Nicolas
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
  • ISBN: 938-971-691-840-3
  • No. Of Pages: 74
  • Size: 6"x9"
  • Edition: 2008
  • Binding: Softbound
  • Description:

    Heroism is like a character or instinct to a man. It is a natural feeling in every person to help, teach, inspire, work, sacrifice, or even die for his or her love ones. Just the feeling of not wanting somebody special to your life suffer is natural to everybody. Over the course, many great men and women in our country and in the rest of the world stood up for what they believed in. It did not matter to them what may the consequences maybe, as long as the people around them would live normal lives. For the most part, the cost of their actions would be their very lives that God has loaned them. But despite this thought, these people did what they had to do in order to us to get to this point of our lives.