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  • Title: Commentaries and Jurisprudence on the Civil Code of the Philippines Volume 4
  • Author: Arturo M. Tolentino, Ph. B., D.C.L.
  • Publisher: Central Lawbook Publishing Co., Inc
  • ISBN: 971-16-0152-4
  • No. Of Pages: 734
  • Size: 6"x9"
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Description:

    Concept and Kinds of Prescription – Under the common law, the word “prescription” is generally used with reference to the acquisition of a right by the lapse of time. It is said, for example, under the common law, that one may acquire a right to real property or to an easement by prescription. On the other hand, the word “limitation,” as applied to actions under the common law, has reference to the time within which an action must be brought after the right of action has accrued. Under the Civil Code, the word “prescription” is used to cover both these ideas.