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  • Title: Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998
  • Author: Cirilo M. Tradio, M. Crim., LIB
  • Publisher: Central Lawbook Publishing Co., Inc
  • ISBN: 971-16-0471-4
  • No. Of Pages: 436
  • Size: 5"x7"
  • Binding: Softbound
  • Description:

    This book was conceived with two major consideratins in mind. First, there is a great need to improve and clean the image of the whole police organization. Second, there is also the demand for more comprehensive materials which are relevant and responsive to our indigenous setting and conditions. Using these considerations as ultimate guides, the author with all his purpose and intention, included important subjects such as: Republic Act No. 7438 - The rights of a Person under Cutodial investigation; Republic Act No. 6713 - Code of conduct, Ethical Standards for Public Officials and employees; Environmental Safety and Security, and Community RElations: The Essence of Police Total Service Quality.