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  • Print Edition
  • Title: Humor and Madness, Jr.
  • Author: Eduardo Alicias Jr.
  • ISBN: 971-91402-3-2
  • No. Of Pages: 212
  • Size: 6"X9"
  • Edition: 2009
  • Binding: Softbound
  • Description:

    This volume contains arguably the third longest sentence ever written,
    consisting of 62,004 words, more or less, allowing possible counting errors,
    wherein a compound word is counted as one, and which sentence is also the
    world’s longest preface in both absolute and relative terms, longer than the
    hitherto longest preface in absolute terms written by George Bernard Shaw for
    his Saint Joan, which he wrote in his small rural, chronically wet, “flood” and
    “gap” English village called Ayot Saint Lawrence, Hertfordshire, England, in
    1924; it is also longer than the hitherto longest preface relative to the main body
    of the book written by me for my first Humor and Madness (the Senior), the
    seminal idea and the first draft of which I began to release, ejaculate if you so
    desire, during my youthful years, circa 1997, when the energy of youth enabled
    me to pursue beautiful ideas embodied by and/or nested in beautiful women
    and when even my unbeautiful ideas were in return deemed attractive to them,
    in my small, rustic, and also chronically wet and flooded House of Youth, once
    upon a time as such but now just a house of youthening (a la Merlin of Camelot),
    of youthening phantasms and fantasies of yore and youth, in a shaded nook and
    cranny of South Saint Julian, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, the Philippines, more than a
    hundred meters from the eastern riparian shore of the slumbering Mestizo River,
    the result of an act of insemination and/or conception that occurred long before
    the mind-boggling Yot was invented by man, and which according to the Games
    Magazine was the “best mechanical puzzle of the year [2008],” and which is
    described by the website (as of 20 December 2008) as “The Yot is a
    shiny metal disc that holds a US silver dollar coin, and the challenge is to
    remove the coin without power tools;” meaning that the challenge and/or the
    supreme joy is to engage in the game of yot gently and tenderly, yet
    compellingly and intensely, with imagination and creativity, sans the use of
    force and intimidation, sans injury and laceration; there is small wonder then
    country’s favorite party pastime … and medical studies have shown that regular
    mental stimulation with puzzles and games keeps your mind active;” so the yot
    must be good for you, at least for your health; and so for your sake, for your
    welfare, for the wellness of your well or that which is supposed to be watery
    especially in the inside, for your happiness, do play the game of yot, and I would
    be pleased a lot if you would at least or even more than once in a while consider
    me as an indispensable party or player thereto, also for my own sake, please;
    but, first, for a foreplay, please read further on.