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Rei Nikolai T. Magnaye


Rei Nikolai is a former psychiatric nurse and field inspector who enjoys travel and conversations, both for work and pleasure. Currently a thinker and a doer in his duties as a quality, safety and business continuity practitioner, he makes time for learning, writing, and living out the most of his busy weeks through weekend trips and night outs with friends and loved ones. He is also a dancer, a beatsmith, and a hopeful singer too if legally permitted by his neighborhood. Rei desires to share his love for crafting poems which enable you to take a look at the pages of one's life, as well as for molding stories reflecting the pleasure and agony of something as structured as poetry. Rei Nikolai takes inspiration to write from short-term and life-long interpersonal relationships with people he has met or been with from all walks of life. His mother's love for reading English novels and his father's zeal for storytelling influenced him to pen poems and stories at a very young age.

"If not by the movement of my body,
maybe a line from my poems,
a song that you'll sing,
or a story that we'll dream
can change the world."


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